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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

DISC Personality Profiles for Teens
and Bonus Resources for Career Help

Growth Resources for Teens and Young Adults ( ages 13+)

We have the ultimate personality test and report that is designed just for teenagers and young adults. The report features information about careers and learning styles. Learn what makes you tick and how you are wired! This is one personality test you can't fail!

Looking for graduation gifts or careeer help? This is the perfect gift for a teen who is considering their future career options.

Here are the resources available for teens:

  • Discovery Report - full teen version - 58 page customized personality report.  Learn more ...
  • Discovery Report - concise teen version - a 12-page customized personality report. Learn more ...
  • Career Interest Explorer - an online tool for exploring your career interests and finding options that fit your personality style.   Learn more ...
  • InterACTION Guide - on online tool for helping two people explore their interaction dynamics. Learn more ...
  • On-site training and instruction by certified human behavior consultants.  
  • The Personality Lab - This is a fun personality quiz that is free. Try it out!  Learn more ..


Find your Dream Career!


Career Interest Explorer now available !

Are you thinking about your future? Wonder about what career would fit your personality? Now you can find out!

Everyone who has a Discovery Report can access the amazing Career Interest Explorer on this website. Find the hottest careers, pick your favorites, and then learn all about exciting careers that fit your unique personality!

Discovery Report - Teen Version (57 pages)

Teen DISC Personality ProfilePersonalized for each teen

Positive and affirming

Divided into 4 Special Sections:

  • Teen Section
  • Parent Section
  • Vocational Section
  • Teacher Section

Gain insights into

  • Strengths
  • Communication Styles
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • Decision Making Styles
  • and more!



Discovery Report - Teen Concise Version (12 pages)

Teen DISC Personality Profile - Concise Discovery ReportThis concise personality report for teens uses the same assessment and scoring method as the full version.

Personalized - based on the scores from an online assessment

Helpful and Positive Format - designed to emphasize strengths while still addressing blind spots in a constructive way.

Solution Oriented - provides tips on what to do and what to say in order to adapt to others for better results

The Teen Mini Discovery Report provides specific, helpful, positive feedback such as :

  • Personal Strengths
  • Words that Describe
  • How to Be Your Best
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • Career Suggestions
  • Personality Charts



Looking for a personality test and report for teens
for use in a school to help students learn and grow?
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Note: Many people refer to these resources as a "personality test for teens." - The DISC profiles are based on a personality assessment where there are no right or wrong answers. Each person's personality is unique and individual, so your combination of personality assessment answers are used to determine your personality traits.




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