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About the Discovery Report Team

"The leaders in communication and relationship development"


Hundreds of Human Behavior Consultants from All Walks of Life

We are passionate about helping people make sense of relationships and communication. We are experts in the fields of business, education, ministry, family and government. Our resources are borne out of real life - real struggles - real success - real experience. We are hundreds of certified human behavior consultants who provide a deep well of knowledge and experience to shape the resources that we offer.

Fanatical about Clarity and DISC Personality Enthusiasts

We are committed to teaching about relationships and communication in a way that is clear and practical - even to children. Personality expert, Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., has overseen the development of all core content. The result? People are able to understand themselves and others, conflict is reduced , relationships improve and productivity increases. That is why we love the DISC Model of Human Behavior. We believe that we teach DISC in the most clear and helpful ways - with a distinctive flavor your won't find anywhere else.

Positive and Real with a Focus on Personal Strengths

We focus on being positive and uplifting while still being "real" about the "blind-spots" that we all have. We want people to know how to achieve their potential discovering their strengths. We don't stop there. We also help people address blind spots in their life that can restrict their growth and productivity. That truly is where "breakthrough" happens.

Excited about Innovation in Online DISC Personality Profiles

We use state of the art computer and database technology to constantly update our content and DISC personality profiles in real time to keep it fresh and relevant. Our team is always creating new ways to apply what we teach in practical ways. We have a lot of cool stuff in the works. Just watch.

Big on Business and Family Friendly

Companies like us because we help them improve their bottom line. We focus on personal development which benefits everyone on a professional and personal level. People call us everyday with stories about how we have helped with their business or in their marriage or with a friendship. People and relationships are important across the board, therefore, we are as happy to work with children as with corporations.

We love what we do,  and we have a passion to help people to understand themselves and others. We hope it shows!

Is there something we can help you with? Would you like to join our team? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.





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