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FREE! - DISC Profile Report for 2 People

Relationship Feedback with Interaction Guides

Free bonus resourceWho can use this free disc profile report? This helpful bonus report is available for any two people who already have Discovery Reports. This report is primarily for adults, but may also be used for teens and children as well. Just fill in the form below.

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Relationship Feedback

More Information on the Relationship Feedback DISC Profile Report

  • Free bonus disc report for any two people who already have Discovery Reports
  • Reviews each of your personality styles
  • Features Interaction Guides to help each person relate to the other person better
  • Features summary charts to compare your personality styles "at-a-glance"
  • Useful for personal or business relationships
  • 11-pages long
  • Printer friendly
  • Interactive - you are able to change the primary traits that you want to compare for each person to obtain the appropriate interaction guides (Example: You can choose options to know how to interact when one person is in "D-mode" and the other person is in "C-mode.")
  • Better than a compatibility report, because it helps YOU to adapt to become compatible with the other person. After all, you can't control anyone else. You can just control yourself. :-)



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