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Career Interest Explorer
Helping you match a career that fits your personality

  • Explore career options
  • Create a personal career option list
  • Research the hottest trends
  • Find out what careers best fit your personality

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Who can use this? This resource is available to anyone who already has a Discovery Report and an access code. You may be considering what career path to pursue or you may be considering a career change.

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Why is the Career Interest Explorer different than a Career Interest Survey or a Career Test?

There are many career interest surveys and career tests that are wonderful tools. We encourage you to try several online resources. You will generally know immediately if they seem to be helpful to you.

Our approach is different than most other online resources.  We start with your personality style and personality traits which reveals a great deal about your task-orientation and what motivates you. We do not try to tell you what you are interested in. Instead, we break out various career options in grouping that are likely to appeal to you. From there, you can choose careers that sound appealing and refine your list until you have a list of options that ALL sound good to you! You can then research each career to further help you identify your interest level.

It's all about helping you to explore what careers you are interested in, and we know that you are the one best able to judge what you would like to do. We just make the selection process easy ... like choosing your favorite foods.

Considering a Career Change?

Are you just beginning your search for an ideal career? Maybe the company you work for is downsizing. Perhaps you are not very excited about what you are doing. Are you looking for something that interests you more? You may be looking to make more money or find something that feels more fulfilling to you. Think about what excites you and energizes you. It is often safer to continue on in the same field in which you have been working, but then, on the other hand, you may not be passionate about your work. It is natural to feel a little uncertain when stepping outside of what is familiar. Although, keep in mind, there may be options you have not explored which may be very rewarding.

At this point, it is possible you will find it necessary to update your skills. You may even already have the skills needed to move in a new direction. However, you may need to take some courses and broaden your knowledge. You may want to work part-time or volunteer in your new career field to see if it is all you want it to be. Talk to a mentor or to others already in the field in which you are interested. Interview someone who is already in the industry or who has a career similar to what you are looking for. They may be able to give you valuable advice and information about a particular company or industry. Their insight could save you a lot of time and money.

The Career Interest Explorer has a complete set of resources to help you discover and learn about what careers may fit you best.

So, begin exploring to fulfill your passion and follow your dream!

You Can Make It Happen!

VisionA goal without a plan is just a daydream!  The biggest challenge is not the goal...it is the plan that needs the work.  You can make it happen. Here is how:

  1. Start with a basic plan that is doable
  2. Set a few simple, short-term goals
  3. Reset your goals as you move forward

The key is simply putting a plan into place and then beginning the process of carrying it out.

These steps, taken one at a time, will lead you toward your goal and the career path that will make you happy.  You will begin to see yourself in a lifestyle and career that you have chosen.  Your future is in your hands … following a plan will put you well on your way to making your dream a reality!


Education Pays!

GraduateIndividual earnings are strongly related to educational attainment.  People who have completed high school usually earn more than those who have not; people with a bachelor's degree usually earn more than those with a high school diploma; and those with a graduate education generally earn more than those with an undergraduate education.  For example, average annual earnings of individuals with a bachelor's degree are more than 75 percent higher than the earnings of high school graduates.

If you are a teen or college student considering whether or not to stay in school, keep in mind that your education may open many more doors than you might realize. If you are already in the workplace, then you should think about what impact continuing your education may have on your career options.


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