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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

Growth Resources for Children
( ages 4-12)

Have FUN and find out your child's personality style!

Here are the resources available for children:

  • Discovery Report - full child's version - 48 page customized personality report based on the results of a fun, interactive online personality test (assessment). Parents and teachers can gain insights into such things as the child's strengths, communication style, learning style and motivational preferences.  Learn more ...
  • Discovery Report - concise child version- an 8-page customized personality report based on the same assessment as used with the full report. Learn more ...
  • Relationship Feedback - on online tool for which will allow parents and teachers to explore their interaction dynamics with the child. Provides strategies on how the parent and child can work together to address their struggles and leverage their strengths.

Unique report divided into 3 special sections

The Discovery Reports for children are designed to bring everyone together. The full report has 3 different sections - one for the child to read, one for the parents and one for the child's teachers.


Are you an Educator?

Schools have used Discovery Reports and our other resources to help their children to learn and grow. The well known three R's are relationships, relevance and rigor. There is no better way to equip a child, his or her parents and his or her teachers with an easy way to understand people than with this material. It provides a positive, objective framework for everyone to communicate based on understanding each child. Learn more ...

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"BOTS" Discovery Report for Kids

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This is the most innovative personality test / personality assessment and profile available for children! We use fun pictures and stories using characters that we call "BOTs," because they look like robots.

BOTs story for children

Example scene used in the
personality assessment for children

Discovery Report - Child Version (48 pages)

BOTS Discovery Report for childrenPersonalized for each child

Positive and affirming

Divided into 3 Special Sections:

  • Child's Section
  • Parent's Section
  • Teacher's Section

Gain insights into

  • Strengths
  • Communication Styles
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • Decision Making Styles
  • Words of affirmation
  • Learning Styles
  • and more!



Discovery Report - Child Mini Version (8 pages)

kid's personality testThis personality profile uses the same disc personality test / assessment and scoring method as the full version. The main difference is that this report is more concise.

Personalized - based on the scores from an online personality assessment

Helpful and Positive Format - designed to emphasize strengths and provide tips on how the child can be his or her best.

Insightful for Parents and Teachers - provides tips on how to interact with the child for better understanding

The Concise Child Version of the Mini Discovery Report provides specific, helpful, positive feedback such as :

  • Words that Describe
  • Strengths
  • How to Be Your Best
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • Personality Charts





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