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The Discovery Report School Program is designed to help students, parents, and teachers to connect with each other in order to:

  • Discover each student's inherent strengths
  • Learn how to communicate with each other
  • Identify areas of motivation
  • Lower stress in the classroom and at home
  • Reveal potential "blind-spots" in relationships
  • Create a positive atmosphere for learning
  • Bring out the best in each child.


The Discovery Report school program enables students, parents and teachers to connect through the use of 3 main building blocks.

Building BlocksThe foundation of our programs is to provide each participant with a simple and positive way to understand his or her behavioral style. We use a computer-based behavioral style assessment. An easy-to-understand, customized computer report is provided for each person. The report reveals such things as individual strengths, motivational preferences, communication style, decision making style, learning style, and potential blind-spots in relating to others. Participants gain insights into their own personal tendencies that would normally take many years to identify. Our reports are amazingly accurate, and, more importantly, the reports are designed to be positive and uplifting.

Secondly, we provide a way for each participant to understand the behavioral style of others. We teach each participant a simple model of human behavior that they are able to quickly understand and apply. Unlike many complex methods of explaining behavioral preferences, our method can be taught to children as well as adults. Participants not only gain an understanding of others, but they also gain a greater appreciation and acceptance of behavioral styles that differ from their own. For example, a shy, quiet student who always sits in the back of the class can learn to better understand why another classmate is talkative and loves to be the center of attention. Likewise, teachers and parents will understand why their students and children are so different. People and relationships begin to make sense rather than being a continual source of confusion.

Thirdly, we provide practical ways for each participant to adapt to the needs of others to improve the way that they relate to and view other people. All of our reports and all of our instructional modules are designed to be very practical for everyday use in the classroom and at home. Each person is equipped with a simple way to communicate with others better by understanding how to connect with them. Most people who go through our programs feel like they are able to see relationships in a whole new light. Many parents and teachers tell us that our program opens the door for them to connect with the children they work with. We strive to enable you to create an atmosphere of harmony and understanding where everyone is motivated to learn and grow together.

The Discovery Report school program consists of 3 major components: Teaching Modules, Behavioral Assessments and Personal Application as described below:

Teaching ModulesTeaching Modules are offered on-site. We use a fun and entertaining approach in order to teach the concepts of behavioral styles. We have a large organization of trained consultants who are qualified to offer seminars at your school. We offer teaching modules tailored to each audience:

  • Younger Students (Elementary age)
  • Older Students (Middle School and High School)
  • Teachers of Younger Students
  • Teachers of Older Students
  • Parents of Younger Students
  • Parents of Older Students


AssessmentsDISC Behavioral Assessments

These are not tests that can be passed or failed. There are no right or wrong answers to be chosen. Each person simply makes individual choices based on their personal preferences. Assessments are mainly conducted in groups using computers for purposes of efficiency.   Assessments my be taken by using small booklets instead of using a computer. Either method is fine, and each school can decide which approach will work best for their sitution.

Assessments for children, teens and adults are available. Assessments for elementary age students are based on a series of fun stories. Each child makes selections based on their personal preferences for each story. Older students and adults choose from sets of words that are presented to them. Assessments take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour (for younger children).

Personalized reports are provided to each person based on their individual assessment selections. Each report is divided into 3 sections: one section for the student, one section for the parents and section one for the teachers. The length of the report is 48 pages for the child version and 58 pages for the teen version. Each report is packed with great information that is practical, positive and easy to understand.


ApplicationPersonal Application of DISC Concepts

This involves applying the knowledge gained from the teaching modules and the personalized reports. We recommend that the students, parents and teachers who participate go over each section of the students' reports. We also suggest that teachers and parents meet in person to discuss the reports. This is a great time to review each child's strengths and the child's motivational preferences.

You may also invite one of our consultants to teach a 1-2 hour session in your school highlighting the ways to apply this information. The response of such sessions from parents and PTA organizations have been extremely positive.


Comprehensive programs for schools include the following:

  • Teacher manuals
  • On-site training
  • Discounted educational pricing for the Discovery Report (customized personality reports for each participant)
  • Support provided by a certified human behavior consultant

Optional Modules:

Offered by certified consultants (please request a quote from your local consultant)

  • Team-Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strengths and Blind Spots
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning Styles
  • Communication and Expectations
  • Time Management
  • Custom sessions



"This program gives us a common language that is non-judgmental and objective. It is another tool for us to help our students. This innovative program has led to higher productivity, fewer discipline problems, and outstanding collaboration with parents."
Matt Kimball, Principal, Smith Elementary in Frisco, Texas

"... a potentially invaluable addition to any teacher's toolbox, something to use when other approaches seem to fall short."  
The Dallas Morning News

"The teachers are so excited about this. This has made a huge difference in being able to really communicate with parents about their child's strengths and motivation."
Stevie Early Pudik, Assistant Principal, Smith Elementary in Frisco, Texas


Smith Overview
Smith Elementary - A Success Story
Julie G. Julie G. - Kindergarten
Lisa L. - Teacher Lisa L. - As a Teacher
Lisa L. - Mother Lisa L. - As a Mother
Midge S. - Kindergarten Midge S. - Kindergarten
Linsey J. - Kindergarten Linsey J. - Kindergarten


To download a printable brochure that gives an overview of Discovery Reports for schools click on the link below:




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