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Discovery Report Upgrade Form

This page is for those who want to upgrade FROM a 4-page or 6-page "mini/concise" report TO an extended length 50 page report.

Have your codes on hand

You will need two (2) codes to upgrade:
  1) your original mini 4-page code (that starts with "m$PI" or "ACPI", and
  2) your upgrade code
(that starts with "U$PI")

What to expect

After you follow the instructions below, our system will process your full report. You will receive an email from us with a link to your upgraded extended length report. You can expect to receive the email right away (within 15 minutes).


Type in your codes below and click on the "Send Codes to Upgrade" button 
(Note: Codes are sensitive to upper and lower case)

Enter original 4-page or 6-page Report Code :
(note: this code will start with the letter "m" or the letters "ACPI-")

Upgrade Code for Full Report :
(note: this code will start with the letter "U")

Need an upgrade code?


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