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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

DISC Personality Profiles for SalesDISC Leadership Profile and Personality Profile for Direct Sales

Increase Productivity and Succeed with People!

We have the ultimate DISC personality profiles for people involved in leadership or direct sales or traditional sales where working with people is a critical skill for success.

A personality assessment with detailed feedback can accelerate your success. Knowing what motivates you and others is like having a key that unlocks doors for you cultivating great business relationships.

Free Bonus: 11-Page Relationship Feedback Report! ($25 value)

This free 11-page report is available to tell you how you can best work with another person based on each of your personality assessment scores. This bonus report is available for any two people who have a Discovery Report.  (learn more)


Discovery Report - DISC Leadership Profile Version (65 pages)

DISC leadership personality profileThis DISC personality profile is particularly good for the person who is experienced in sales and is looking for help in the area of leadership. This version does not focus on sales skills, but on leadership skills.

Based on a Revolutionary Leadership Model - this innovative approach will help you approach leading others in a whole new way.

Personalized - based on the scores of your online assessment

Easy-to-Understand - written in a natural and personal style that is positive

Includes Leadership "How-to" Guides - designed to provide specifics in how to lead others according to their personality style.

The Leadership Version provides feedback in these areas:

  • DISC Introduction
  • Leadership Model Introduction
  • Adjusting Your Leadership Style
  • Your Personality Style Description
  • Words that describe you
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Keys to Excellence
  • Your Basic Motivations and Behavior
  • Communication style
  • Priorities & Decision-making style
  • Your High and Low Traits
  • Environment & Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Guides - Detailed Sections on How to Lead Others
  • Detailed Personality Graph Section
  • Application Section with Charts and Reference Guides
  • Review Worksheet
  • and more ...

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Discovery Report - Direct Sales Version (50 pages)

DISC personality profile for direct salesThis version is very extensive, offering a good solution to anyone involved in sales.

Personalized - based on the scores from an online assessment

Easy-to-Understand - written in a natural and personal style

Helpful and Positive Format - designed to emphasize strengths and value to a team

Solution Oriented - provides tips on how to be your best

The Discovery Report mini version provides specific, helpful, positive feedback such as :

  • Description of your personality style and personality traits
  • Your drives and motivation style
  • Your communication style
  • Your decision-making style
  • Your priorities
  • Your personal strengths
  • Tips on how to be your best based on your strengths
  • Tips on how to achieve long-term success based on unique personality
  • Your environment needs and preferences
  • Your personality scores and charts with a complete explanation
  • Presentation guide to better connect with others
  • Guide to leading others and promotion skills
  • Guide to relating better with others
  • Business attitude tips

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Discovery Report - Adult Mini Version (6 pages)

DISC Personality Profile - adult concise versionThe mini report uses the same assessment and scoring method as the full version. The main difference is that the amount of information in the mini report is less than what is provided in the full report.

Personalized - based on the scores from an online assessment

Concise Format - includes the most essential feedback in a 4 page report

Helpful and Positive Format - designed to emphasize strengths while still addressing blind spots in a constructive way.

Solution Oriented - provides tips on what to do and what to say in order to adapt to others for better results

The Mini Discovery Report provides specific, helpful, positive feedback such as :

  • Words that Describe
  • Strengths
  • How to Be Your Best
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • Charts

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Why Guess in Leadership and Sales?

You know that leadership is important because it involves people. You can't afford to guess at the best way to interact with your team members. Likewise, if you are involved in sales or direct sales, then you know that your ability to connect well with others can directly impact your sales and profit. Again, you can't afford to guess or work with people in a hit-or-miss fashion if you want to have optimal results.

An online personality assessment (often called a personality test) can take the guesswork out of knowing the personality style of each person you work with. A personality profile can provide deep insights that will boost your ability to lead and relate.

The DISC Model of Human Behavior that we use has been validated as accurate and reliable by an independent psychometric statistician who has a doctorate in industrial psychology. Millions of people a year take DISC assessments. DISC has been widely accepted for over 50 years as an excellent model for understanding yourself and others.

So, don't guess in leadership and sales when you can know how to be effective using an online personality test / assessment.

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