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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

DISC Personality Profile Resources for Government Agencies


DiscoveryReport.com is currently a supplier of
personality profiles to many government agencies
in the United States and Canada.


Communication is the key. Every government agency has a distinct and important role to play. Each organization is interested in productivity and optimal results.

DISC Personality Profiles are Easy to Use, Understand and Remember. If you are looking for an alternative to Myers-Briggs, then DISC is a great choice.

DiscoveryReport.com offers tools that enable and encourage teamwork and provide a way for people with various personality styles to work together with less conflict and more cooperation.

Our programs and approaches are positive and promote good communication.

Growth and Training Resources for Government AgenciesWe offer practical resources. Our personality tests (assessments), training and "Discovery Reports" offer insights and communication strategies that can be used every day. Discovery Reports identify each person's strengths, communication style, decision-making style, and motivational preferences.

Designed to benefit both individuals and organizations. We offer tools to map teams within an organization for an "at-a-glance" view of the personality mix of the group. You can use this tool to help each person on your team to work in an area that fits his or her strengths. Team members can quickly connect by referring to the charts and summary reports provided for their group. Your organization will be able to communicate with each other much better by using the concepts that they will learn.

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