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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

Start page for those who already
have assessment score totals
(usually from a self-scoring booklet)

This is the starting page for those who have totals from a previously completed DISC assessment. The "totals" will be a set of 8 numbers representing your 4 "MOST" and 4 "LEAST" scores for each of the D, I, S and C categories. You have already likely scored your assessment, but now you want an online DISC profile report and therefore need to transfer your assessment totals to an online form.

You will also need a Discovery Report Access Code to begin the process. You will enter that Access Code below and click the "Send Code to Begin" button to start.

Enter Access Code
Include all upper and lower case letters and dashes.


Need help entering your access code?

If you do not have an Access Code, you can buy one here in our online store.

If have *not* completed an assessment already or do not have your assessment totals and want to complete the entire assessment from the beginning, you may enter your access code here on our home page instead.



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