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Hiring Insights - The Easiest Way to Hire the Right People!

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Hiring Insights DISC Assessments and tools are a simple way to find candidates that “FIT” a particular job or position that you are trying to fill. When you find a candidate that "fits," then he or she will naturally excel in their work enviroment.

Most hiring processes rely heavily on looking at skills and qualifications - which is absolutely necessary. Hiring Insights provides a way for you to ENHANCE your ability to find people who are likely to perform well AND remain happy at work or on your team. The result? Turnover is reduced - people stay longer - which saves you time and money.

Match Jobs and Candidates by Personality Style in 3 Easy Steps


hiring insights in 3 steps


Step 1: Fill out an online assessment to get a Hiring Insights Report

The Hiring Insights Report will specifically identify and describe your ideal or target candidate. In other words, you will know what personality style best "fits" the position that you are looking to fill.

Step 2: Have each candidate take an online DISC personality profile

The online assessment takes only 15-20 minutes to complete and it will accurately assess the personality style of each person you are considering.

Step 3: View your results to see which candidates best fit the job!

You can use our at-a-glance charting tool to see how closely each candidate match the job requirements.

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Read more details in the
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