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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

MyBrand DISC Profile Service

Custom DISC personality profiles featuring your brand

disc profile white label service


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MyBrand DISC Profile Service Highlights:

  • Easy to setup and use (no technical knowlege required)
  • Customize the look. You can customize the look of your profiles cover pages with your logo, cover graphic, and contact info.
  • Easy to administer. of your account online from anywhere
  • Easy to add to your website. We provide simple links that you can use on your website if you have one.
  • Wholesale pricing. You will be able to purchase profiles at wholesale for your own use
  • Sell profiles online to make a profit! We provides a way for you to sell profiles online at retail and earn commission on each purchase if you want to (see example).
  • Adult, teen and child profile versions available (complete list)

Watch our two minute introduction video below:


Ready? Choose a plan and let's go!

MONTHLY Simple Plan

$29 per month + $199 one-time setup, includes one month FREE

Buy now

Includes 30 days of jumpstart support phone service.
Service renews automatically each month based on the day of the month you signed up.
$199 setup is not refundable.
Cancel at any time.

YEARLY Saver Plan

$290 per year with FREE setup (a $199 savings)
That works out to $24.17 per month.

Buy now

Includes 30 days of jumpstart support phone service.
Free setup
Service renews yearly based on the day of the year that you signed up.
Note in case you have your calculator out ... This is the best deal if you use the service for more than 4 months.

Cancel at any time after 120 days (no prorated refunds prior to 120 days of service).

3 YEAR Bargain Plan

$684 covers 3 YEARS of service. Includes FREE setup (a $199 savings)
That works out to only $19 per month!

Buy now

Includes 30 days of jumpstart support phone service.
Free setup
Service renews every 3 years (36 months) yearly based on the day of the year that you signed up.
Note in case you have your calculator out ... This is only $19 / month! This is the best deal if you use the service for more than 28 months.

Cancel at any time, but not eligible for a prorated refund within the first 3 years.


Want to know more? Keep reading for all of the details ...



Major Benefits of Offering Personality Reports with YOUR Brand


Boosts your VALUE by adding an extremely versatile tool in your toolbox


Boosts your BRAND RECOGNITION as the "go to" solution provider in your field




Boosts your OPPORTUNITY to engage and serve your clients or organization


Top 10 Reasons You will LOVE this Service

1) YOUR company graphic appears front and center. Your custom graphic is placed front and center on the cover page. We know that your brand is important to you, and the cover page is a key element in supporting YOUR brand.
2) Your company logo is placed on EVERY page. Your brand is visible throughout the report. Your users will identify you as the solution provider as they go through each page of the report.
3) You name it! Literally! YOU get to pick the name of your report. You can pick a name that suits your application. Your report name allows you the freedom to further promote your brand so that your clients will come to YOU. Your report name must be approved and be in compliance with Copyright laws.

4) Your users will be THRILLED with the reports! Our approach using the DISC Model of Human Behavior is different. The reports have a DISTINCLY POSITIVE FEEL. Have you ever read a personality report that felt kind of technical and a bit cold or critical? The whole reason we built our personality reporting system was to implement Dr. Robert Rohm's encouraging approach based on his best selling book, "Positive Personality Profiles." The focus is to build people up and help them improve. At the same time, we still address "blind spots" and areas for improvement using encouraging language. Your users will be THRILLED with their reports and be encouraged to perform better and have better relationships with others.

Click here to "test drive" the Extended Length Adult Report - be sure to try out the icon-based navigation "MENU" on the left hand side of the report. You can zip around whatever section you want to read and return back to the main menu.

5) The system is EASY to administer. We have designed the system to be painless. You can use the system to obtain or sell personality reports online right away, monitor activity and know what is going on in real time.
6) You get top priority customer service! We got you covered! If your users have trouble, you are not alone. We will help resolve any issues in a timely manner.

7) Enjoy competitive pricing! You and your users will have access to proven high quality personality reports at very competitive prices. You will be able to offer reports at several different price points that retail for between $12.95 and $59.95 depending on the length and type of the report. Or, if you are using the reports within your own organization, then you can obtain reports at wholesale which is either 25% or 40% off. Personality Insights Institute graduates get an EXTRA 15% discount added to the standard 25% commission/ wholesale discount

proven system
8) You can rely on a successful and proven system. Your personality reports will use the same reporting engine that drives DiscoveryReport.com. We developed the system ourselves, so we know it inside and out. Thousands of companies have used our reporting system for years, and the list of satisfied clients is growing daily.
9) You have access to marketing resources to promote YOUR reports. This is a "biggy." You'll notice that we said "YOUR reports."  That is because the marketing resources feature your graphics and your logo, not ours. After all, you are trying to market YOUR reports, not ours.
delivered online instantly

10) Your reports can be sold and delivered instantly online. We offer you a turnkey method for selling your reports online if you are interested in that option. Your users will not have to wait around for processing of their reports. After your clients finish the online assessment, their reports are generated and can be read right away. The system works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your retail clients can only buy your branded reports from you - no one else. You will be the sole source of your branded reports to any of your clients.

bonus tools
11) BONUS Tools ... Yes, this is reason number 11 in the Top Ten list ... but it's a bonus! All your users will have access to the bonus resource Team Charts for groups.



Incredible Income Potential & Wholesale Savings


profit potentialWe offer a generous commission/wholesale
rate of 25-40% *

* Personality Insights Institute graduates get an EXTRA 15% bonus added to the standard 25% commission/ wholesale discount

Your income potential is unlimited! 

income examples

Monthly Income Examples for Retail Sales:

Monthly Sales 25% Commission for
non-graduate of
Insights Institute

40% Commission for
Insights Institute Graduate

$500 $125 $200
$1000 $250 $400
$2,000 $500 $800
$5,000 $1,250 $2,000
$10,000 $2,500 $4,000

* Personality Insights Institute graduates must have been trained by Personality Insights staff or by a certified Personality Insights Master Trainer. Click here to learn more about our DISC certification training.




yesCustom cover page graphic
yesCustom logo on EVERY page
yesYour contact information on the cover page
yesInstant notification of account activity
yesOnline control panel access to update and monitor your account
yesReports available to you at wholesale prices

yesProfiles available in adult, teen and child versions

yesCentralized control option to send all reports and assessment results to a designated administrator. This option puts you in control of the information flow to the user. The user will receive a confirmation message of results received at the end of his or her assessment, but only the administrator will receive the results. 

yesTurnkey e-Commerce solution for retail sales, including buy buttons and automatic processing. You can offer your reports for sale online 24 hours a day / 7 days per week. There are no merchant or transaction fees ... it's all included in the service.

yesEarn monlty commissions on all retail sales. Every time someone buys your branded reports using your buy buttons, your earnings increase. Commission checks are paid monthly. You will earn either 25% commission or 40% if you are an Insights Institute graduate.




DISC Personality Profile Versions Available

You will have access to brand these DISC Profiles:

- Concise Adult Version (6-pages)
- Standard Adult Version (30-pages)
- Extended Adult Version (50-page)
- Leadership Adult Version (65-pages)
- Direct Selling Adult Version (50-pages)
- Fitness Report Adult Version (19-37)

- Teen Concise Version (12-pages)
- Teen Extended Version ( 57-pages)

- Spanish Concise Adult Version (6-pages)
- Spanish Adult Version (30-pages)

- French Adult Version (30-pages)
- French Concise Version (6-pages)


Be sure to try the live branded report sample and test drive the icon-based navigation menu. You can zip around within the 50-page report with ease!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What plan should I choose?
A: The Basic Membership Plan provides all the essential features for branded reports that you can get at wholesale.
The Professional Membership Plan is for those who want the ability to sell their branded reports online at retail using our turnkey e-Commerce capability.

Q: Can I change plans after I get started?
A: Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Q: Can I see a sample branded report?
A: Sure! Click here to see a sample of the 50-page Extended Adult Version - and be sure to try out the navigation menu that will show up on the left-hand side of the report.

Q: Do I need a website to use the service?
A: No, a website is not required. We provide a "portal" link for you that you can use as your main assessment page. Users will view their reports at a service website - personalityservice.com.  If you do have a website, then we provide the code for you to place these resources on your site if you wish.

Q: How do I put my logo, cover graphic and contact information on my branded report?
A: After you sign up, we will provide a link to a setup form. You will be able to setup an account, upload your logo, your cover page graphic and enter your contact information.

Q: How long does it take to get my branded reports setup?
A: Usually 1 business day - sometimes 2 business days. After you fill out the initial setup form, we go through your account and finish the setup and final configuration. We will test your settings to make sure that everything is working fine. If your setup is urgent, just let us know by email when you sign up.

Q: Why is there a setup / activation charge of $199?
A: The setup/ activation charge helps to cover our time and expense to finish your account setup and test it. It also helps cover our time and expense to provide "jump start" phone service. Yes, that means that we provide live phone support to help make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Others charge upwards of $750 to $1500 as a setup fee. We did not think that was necessary, but we also needed to charge something to cover our costs.

Q: How can I make money with this service?
A: You can offer your reports for sale either by retail sales online or business-to-business. If you choose to sell retail online, then you are required to offer your reports at the suggested retail price. If you sell the reports business-to-business, then you can choose your own resale price. Either way, you can earn a profit on the margin. Many people offer a value-added service where a personality profile report is just part of a package. In that case, you can bill your clients any way you wish while obtaining your branded reports online at wholesale as you need them. So, for example, you may offer a consulting service package that includes a personality report for $295. In that case, the charge for the personality report is not itemized - it just become part of your value-added package.

Q: What is my wholesale price / commission rate?
A: It  will either be 25% or 40%. The standard wholesale rate is 25% off of retail. * Personality Insights Institute graduates get an EXTRA 15% discount. The same numbers apply to the payment of commissions on sales sold through your account at retail.

Q: What is the unsubscribe and resubscribe Policy:
A: You may unsubscribe from the service at any time. You can also restart the service anytime for only $99. Setup and activation charges are non-refundable. A prorated refund will be given on annual plans only.

Q: Can I change my logo later on?
A: Yes. You can change your logo anytime by logging into your "Resource Center"

Q: How does the e-Commerce feature work?
A: We have our own merchant account and we provide buy buttons that you can use to sell your branded reports online. The entire transaction is automated. Access codes are delivered automatically. The money goes into our account. If the order was placed at retail, then we will pay you a commission on the order. If the order was placed by you at wholesale, then the transaction does not qualify for commission. Commissions are paid out at the beginning of each month.

Q: I already have an online store and merchant account, so can I use my own store?
A: Yes you can. In that case, you would need to manually fulfill orders by emailing access codes to your clients after they order. You can either keep a stock of access codes on hand from which to draw on, or you can order the access codes you need at wholesale as you need them. If you have the capability of automating the delivery of your pre-purchased access codes, then that is fine. Otherwise, our e-Commerce package has the automation built-in already to send access codes immediately after an order is placed.

Q: I want to sell service packages that include consultant plus DISC profiles. Can I do that?
A: Yes you can. You may want to sell a value-added package a higher price than just the DISC profiles. That is a common practice. For example, you might offer a Leadership DISC profile plus 2 hours of consulting for $299. You could just use your own solution to provide buy buttons in any way you choose in that case. Thus, you would not need the e-commerce option (the Professional Plan). You might consider using something simple like PayPal to create the buy buttons. That would allow for a scenario such as this:

  • Your client would buy your special the package (services plus profiles) for any price you set
  • PayPal would notify you of the purchase and the money would go directly into your PayPal account.
  • You would follow up by sending your client an email which would include instructions on how to proceed. The instructions could include an access code and link to take the online DISC assessment (at your branded start page that is provided through the service). You would be able to buy access codes at wholesale as needed to fulfill your orders.

You can see that this scenario requires that you be involved in the follow up process, but then you can tailor it however you like. You can even automate the process if you are technically savvy or you can get someone to help you setup a system to automate the process.

Q: Who owns the rights to the content and graphics in the branded reports?
A: All content is property of Personality Insights, Inc. and DiscoveryReport.com. Some graphics that we use are licensed to us. However, in no circumstance will the content of the branded reports become your property, nor should that be implied. You are simply using our service to provide our content to your clients with your branding. Appropriate copyright notation is provided in the reports to indicate that the content is, in fact, subject to copyright laws.

Q: Are the teen and child personality reports included as part of this service.
A: Yes they are. The teen concise and extended versions are available. The child concise version is also available.

Q: I don't really care about the branding part of this service, but I am looking for a way to save money on personality profiles. Can I save money using this service?
A: Yes, you can purchase profiles at a wholesale discount as mentioned before. If your company already uses personality profiles, then this service is likely to give you 1)  superior personality reports 2) better wholesale pricing and 3) an easier way to procure and administer your profiles. We would be happy to talk with you about it. You can reach us at 770-509-7113.

Q: What languages do you support?
A: We have versions English, French and Spanish. If you need personality profiles in another language, please contact us.





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