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Access code: KCPI-SAMPLE, completed 2011-03-08 , BOTS Concise Report v1.3


Your ReportJoe Sample

Section 2:
Important Message for Joe's Parents

You have chosen to help Joe by working with him to take the BOTS DISC profile assessment. We want to commend you for this desire and for spending this time with Joe. Use this opportunity to learn new things about him and his personality.

Understanding is what he needs first from you. You have given Joe the freedom to make selections in the BOTS assessment, and now this report is providing some feedback for you to review.

We have endeavored to develop an assessment tool using pictures and stories that allows us to determine the personality blend of the children ages 4-12. Overall, we have found that the results are usually accurate, but we fully recognize that there is room for adjustments. Naturally, the younger a student is, the less objective and predictable responses may be.

We recommend that you view the results of this report as a 'snapshot' of Joe's personality. Realize that results can vary to some degree, so these results are not to be considered conclusive. We certainly believe that these results are fairly accurate and provide a good starting point for you to approach Joe in a more effective way.

The entire experience is a learning tool for both of you. We hope you benefit from spending time trying to understand Joe. Perhaps you will think more deeply about what motivates him to behave the way he does.

Joe's self-awareness is growing as he grows, so you want to encourage that growth while also allowing for his age and maturity level. If Joe happened to makes choices in the assessment that seem to indicate who he would LIKE to be rather than who you think he REALLY IS, then it could mean that Joe needs your encouragement to recognize, accept and appreciate how special he is. In that case, simply focus on affirming him as a special young person with value and worth to you and to others and himself. Just like you, we want Joe to grow to become all that he is meant to be. Use this opportunity to help your relationship be even more open and honest.

We hope you enjoy this great opportunity to learn to relate better with Joe!


Your ReportJoe Sample

Words that Best Describe Joe Words that best describe you

*   Likes to do things step by step 
*   Thinks about things in great detail 
*   Avoids mistakes by being careful 
*   Someone that others can depend on 
*   Good thinker who can make sense of things 
*   Careful not to try too much at once 
*   Always asks questions 
*   Works well with other people 
*   Able to get a lot of work done 
*   Willing to listen and learn 
*   Curious 
*   Has a lot of patience 
*   Can keep working at a steady pace 
*   Likes doing things the same way each time 
*   Spends time to make good decisions 
*   Behaves well 
*   Is able to do many things very well 
*   Says things carefully to avoid hurting people 
*   Is dependable 

ideaSomething to think about ...

Joe, you might like some of these words, because they sound just like you. If they sound right, please circle them. If the words don't sound quite right, then feel free to cross them out. This report is meant to help you DISCover more about your special personality!


Your ReportJoe Sample

Good Things About JoeWhat you will learn

Thinks things through and is thoughtful

Joe is well mannered Joe likes to talk things through so there is no misunderstanding Joe is patient and a good listener


Wants to be Fair to Everyone

Joe has a lot of patience most of the time  Joe is truthful and honest  Joe wants others to do good things


ideaSomething to think about ...

Joe, have you ever thought about what you are good at? Strengths are the part of your personality that help you to do certain things very well. When you know what your strengths are, it is easier for you to think of things to do and ways to help. It is a wonderful thing to have strengths, but it is even better to use your strengths to help someone else.


Your ReportJoe Sample

Joe here is how to be your best! What you will learn


Get Started

Being careful and sensitive makes you who you are. You think about something a lot before you get going. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just get started.

Express Your Feelings

Let others know what you are feeling. They will be able to understand you better.

Ask for Help

Rather than trying to figure out everything by yourself, get some help. Team up with someone you trust, and they will be happy to help you

Speak Up

Do people the favor of speaking up and being heard. You have many good thoughts and others would be happy for you to share them. This is how we learn things.


ideaSomething to think about ...

Remember, Joe, you have a wonderful personality! You are specially designed. No one is quite like you. That is what makes you so important. Keep up the good work as you try to be your best.


Your ReportJoe Sample

Important Things to Know About Joe


Joe's Motivation for Doing Things:

Thinks about what needs to be done while thinking of others feelings

Joe's Gifts and Abilities:

Listens to directions, is helpful and likes to please others

Joe's Way of Helping Others:

Takes the time to plan things out

Joe's Best Environment:

Things that require following certain steps to go through in order to come out right in the end

What Motivates and Encourages Joe:

Allow time to adjust when changes occur; allow enough time to do things step-by-step to make sure everything is done right; works in a place where everyone gets along

Personality Styles that Tend to Work Well with Joe:

I, I/C, I/S, I/SC, S 


Your ReportJoe Sample

What is DISC About? (Parent /Teacher Reference)

A diagram of the DISC personality model of human behavior is shown below. There are four main personality styles: D, I, S and C which are each represented as a quadrant in a circle. The four arrows in the diagram represent a person's preferences or orientation. Everyone has a combination of all four personality traits to a greater or lesser degree. Joe's personality blend appears on the chart below as a red circle.


Describing Joe Using DISC

The letters we use for Joe's personality are C/S. Here is what those letters mean ...Careful and Curious (C), and Supportive and Soft-hearted (S), Very happy to sit and work quietly, usually notices and thinks about what needs to be done, sometimes notices and thinks about people.

By having a CAREFUL and CURIOUS / SUPPORTIVE and SOFT-HEARTED personality style, Joe is good at organizing and gathering information to support the team. Working on projects that require teamwork, structure and attention to details are his strengths. Joe likes when everyone gets along.


Your ReportJoe Sample

Personality Graphs for Joe Words that best describe you

Your Environment Graph
How People See You
Your Basic Personality Graph
How You See Yourself

Very High


Avg. Above
-- Mid-line --
Avg. Below


Very Low

Understanding the Graphs

The graphs above show levels for Joe's D, I, S and C personality traits. The higher the level of the trait, the stronger it is. The graph on the left is called Your Environment Graph - How People See You. This is how Joe tends to act with other people (in the environment). The graph on the right is called Your Basic Personality Graph - How You See Yourself. This graph shows how Joe is most comfortable acting when feeling free and at ease. This is the graph that was used to determine Joe's personality blend as C/S.

Keep in mind that children often "try on" different behaviors as they develop. This report can give you insights into the dynamics of Joe's personality style. You may observe that Joe exhibits very different personality traits in different situations. That is normal. As you learn to see the patterns in the behavior, you will be able to interact more effectively. We hope that you have enjoyed reading Joe's report and that this will be a handy tool to help you learn and grow in your relationship!