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DISC Profiles and personality assessment tests

Upgrade Option for the Extended Version

Upgrades are available for adults who have a concise or "mini" Discovery Report (6 pages) and would like to upgrade to the Extended Version (50-pages). You will not need to retake the personality test online. Your previous scores have been stored and will be used to generate 50-pages of detailed feedback.

The upgrade is for the standard adult full version of the Discovery Report.

If you need to upgrade now, just click on the "Upgrade Now" button below:

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upgrading your personality profile

"If we understand each other, we can be more productive."

Discovery Report - Adult Full Version (50 pages)

Personalized - generates a DISC personality profile based on the scores from an online assessment (sometimes called a personality test - but there are no right and wrong answers). Note - if you already took the online assessment and have a Concise version, you will not need to take the online assessment again to upgrade).

Easy-to-Understand - written in a natural and personal style that is

Helpful and Positive Format - designed to emphasize strengths and value to a team

Solution Oriented - provides tips on how to be your best using practical tips on how to relate to others.

This upgrade will include the following feedback in your Extended version of the Discovery Report::

  • Words that Describe You
  • Basic Personality Style
  • Communication Style
  • Decision Making Style
  • Style characteristics in chart form
  • Your Priorities
  • Your Strengths
  • How to Be Your Best
  • Environment Needs & Motivational Preferences
  • DISC charts and chart reading guides
  • Personality Traits
  • Presentation Skills and Guide
  • Relating Skills and Guide

Comparison Chart (look for the columns for the Concise version and the Extended Version)


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