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Communication Style Analysis and Overview for
Marlee  (I/DS)

DISC Personality Style Graph
(Basic Style)

   Outgoing and task-oriented                     Outgoing and people-oriented

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  Reserved and task-oriented                   Reserved and people-oriented

Basic Style Graph
for Marlee

The style that Marlee
is most comfortable with

Environment Style Graph
for Marlee

How Marlee adapts to the environment

Marlee  : You are great at relating to other people with humor and optimism in order to encourage them.

Major Strengths:

Inspiring and Active natural strength is to provide fun, excitement and direction, while accomplishing various tasks through people...tends to be influential and encourages others to reach their goals... will usually maintain an upbeat, aggressive pace while focusing on completing projects..

Fast Paced and Interactive: tends to be people-oriented and enjoys talking about current project and dreams. .. will develop an inspiring approach to persuade others to take action... enjoys providing an uplifting, people-oriented approach in getting results.


logo Prepared by:
Shae Taylor
Talent Depot

Traits for Marlee  (I/DS)

Style Summary: Inspiring (I), and Dominant (D) and Supportive (S), Very outgoing, usually people-oriented, sometimes task-oriented, sometimes reserved.

Style Description: By having an INSPIRING / DOMINANT / SUPPORTIVE personality style, you tend to naturally express enthusiasm and energy with a purpose or goal in mind to encourage others. Your people skills are strong. You are warm and accepting of others. You are able to stay focused on a job until it is done. You enjoy leading, and you know how to get people involved. You like difficult assignments and winning with others.

Words that Describe Marlee Communicative   Compassionate   Demanding   Driving   Emotional   Enthusiastic   Exaggerative   Excitable   Friendly   Fun   Humorous   Imaginative   Impulsive   Independent   Optimistic   Outgoing   Personable   Sociable   Softhearted   Verbal  

Primary Drive: Being outgoing and friendly with energy and warmth

Individual Giftedness: Interacting with people to follow through toward goals

Value to the Organization: Confidently accomplishes goals through people

Key to Motivate: A cheerful work environment; participation in group meetings; exposure to those who appreciate results; public praise; a support team for details and follow-up; independence

Ideal Environment: Opportunities to look good in public settings

Complementary Team
Members :
C, C/S, S/CD, C/SI


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