Summary for Samantha  Elizarraraz(S/IC)

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Outgoing and task-oriented                            Outgoing and people-oriented

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Reserved and task-oriented                           Reserved and people-oriented


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How Samantha adapts
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Primary Drive Relationally supportive mixed with a commitment to quality
Individual Giftedness Working with people within a defined order or framework
Value to the Organization Getting positive results in spite of bad situations through being cool under fire; modeling respect for authority
Ideal Environment Stable, predictable, sensible procedures; friendly coworkers
Key to Motivate A leader who sets a good example; complete, clear direction for projects to be completed; to be persuaded by both logic and emotion; a team that understands their reasons for not wanting to argue (i.e. personality style); freedom from confrontation
Complementary Team Members D, D/C, D/I, I/C

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