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Chris Rollins

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Important Note on the "Mode Feature" of the Interaction Guide:

The Interaction Guide is based on the strongest trait for each person, not the personality blend of each person. For example, a "D" interacting with an "S." You can switch the traits to use in the report to a secondary trait by going to the bottom of page 6 or 7 in the report and selecting a different "Mode" for a user to get a different combination of traits. You will see a drop-down selector shown at the bottom of the page where you can choose D,I, S or C as the trait to use. The report will automatically refresh and display a new report using the selected personality combination. For example, a person who is a D/C personality blend may sometimes be in a "D" mode and sometimes a "C" mode depending on the situation. So, you may want to select "C" mode for that person if you anticipate him or her interacting moreso in that "mode."

We encourage you to try the "mode" feature (found on pages 6 and 7 of the Interaction Guide Report) to gain different insights into how each person might interact based on his or her primary and secondary traits.

How to Save an Interaction Guide Report as a PDF:

To save a report as a PDF file, just look for the "Save as PDF" link at the top-left hand corner of the page when the report appears. Click that link, and the report will be downloaded to your computer into the directory where your downloads normally are placed by your browser.


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