Discovery Report for Mark Hillenburg

discovery report


Mark Hillenburg:
You are great at being a visionary and influencing others with persuasion and positive interaction.


Mark's Style ( I/D):
Inspiring (I), and Dominant (D), Very outgoing, usually people-oriented, sometimes task-oriented.

Mark's Personality Blend Description:
By having an INSPIRING / DOMINANT personality style, you tend to naturally express enthusiasm and energy with a purpose or goal in mind. You have a driving need to accomplish tasks - to do great exploits. You have a lot of "nervous energy" and are constantly on-the-go. You feel guilty when you relax, and others may feel this restlessness. Your optimism is contagious - others will be inspired to action by being around you.

Words that Describe Mark:
*  Communicative
*  Competitive
*  Confident
*  Decisive
*  Demanding
*  Determined
*  Driving
*  Enthusiastic
*  Exaggerative
*  Excitable
*  Imaginative
*  Independent
*  Mobile
*  Optimistic
*  Outgoing
*  Persuasive
*  Polished
*  Self-Confident
*  Talkative
*  Verbal

discovery report

Mark's Strengths

Influencing and Directive

Mark is able to provide direction, while accomplishing various tasks through people.  Mark   tends to be influential and directive when it comes to empowering others to accomplish tasks.   Mark will usually maintain an aggressive pace while working towards a goal.

Fast Paced and Directive:

Mark tends to goal oriented, yet focused on quickly accomplishing tasks through people.   Mark   will often develop a quick approach that looks at the end result.   Mark enjoys providing direction and coaching in a team environment in order to get results.

discovery report

How to Be Your Best

Be Clear With Directions

Be clear with others when you communicate any directions. Team members will be more productive when they understand how to accomplish the goal.

Adjust Your Pace

You may need to adjust your pace when others are not ready or able to move quickly. Remember that many people are not comfortable with a fast pace.

Listen to Really Communicate

Allow yourself to just listen and concentrate on others in order to build trust and respect. You will be communicating that you care and causing people to want to be around you even more.

Ask, "What do they need?"

When talking with another person, ask yourself, "what do they need?" You will be more effective in communication when you put yourself in their shoes.

discovery report

Personal Keys for Mark

Mark's Primary Drive:

Expressing free-spirited energy, maintaining independence

Mark's Individual Giftedness:

Friendly approach, optimistic outlook

Mark's Value to a Team:

Openness to pioneering efforts, enthusiasm in selling and motivating others

Mark's Ideal Environment:

Varied activities involving people, freedom from details

Mark's Motivational Preferences:

Public praise and recognition; excitement; active participation on the team; feedback on performance; opportunity to develop people and organizations; optimistic coworkers

Mark's Complementary Team Members:

S/C, C/S, D/C, C/SD


Typically 85% of success in life is due to your skills with people, and how well you understand yourself and others.

discovery report

Personality Graphs for Mark Hillenburg

Graph I
Environmental Style
Graph II
Basic Style

very high




very low

About Your Graphs: 
(Based on the DISC model of human behavior)

Your Environmental Style is shown in Graph I above.
Your Environmental Style is based on the selections you made in your assessment that were MOST like you. Graph I reflects how you respond in your environment. Graph I represents the traits that others are most likely to observe.

Your Basic Style is shown in Graph II above. Your Basic Style is based on the selections you made in your assessment that were LEAST like you. Graph II reflects " the real you."  Graph II represents the traits and behavior that you are most comfortable with. Graph II is the main graph that is used to determine your overall personality style.

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