Discovery Report for Robert Rohm

discovery report


Robert Rohm:
You are great at influencing others with encouraging words and vision.


Robert's Style ( I/SD):
Inspiring (I), and Supportive (S) and Dominant (D), Very outgoing, usually people-oriented, sometimes task-oriented, sometimes reserved.

Robert's Personality Blend Description:
By having an INSPIRING / SUPPORTIVE / DOMINANT personality style, you tend to express enthusiasm and encouragement. Your people skills are strong, and you like to work with people to accomplish goals. You enjoy leading and encouraging a team, and you know how to get people involved.

Words that Describe Robert:
*  Communicative
*  Compassionate
*  Demanding
*  Driving
*  Emotional
*  Enthusiastic
*  Exaggerative
*  Excitable
*  Friendly
*  Fun
*  Humorous
*  Imaginative
*  Impulsive
*  Independent
*  Optimistic
*  Outgoing
*  Personable
*  Sociable
*  Softhearted
*  Verbal

discovery report

Robert's Strengths

Inspiring and Social

Robert is able to provide fun while being relational and purposeful.  Robert   tends to be influential and encouraging while focused on the team's success.  Robert will usually express and convey ideas with passion and compassion to accomplish tasks within the team.

People Oriented and Directive:

Robert tends to be people-oriented, yet focused on accomplishing tasks with and through others.   Robert   will often develop an inspiring approach to persuade others to execute tasks while encouraging others to participate in the process.   Robert enjoys providing an uplifting, positive, and people-oriented environment while accomplishing tasks.

discovery report

How to Be Your Best

Be Detail-oriented

Look at potential challenges and communicate the detail to your team. This approach will lead to more success in working with others and will create a positive environment.

Take Ownership of Important Details

Take ownership in attending to important details. Knowing what is going on first-hand will create greater success and peace in the long-run.

Communicate Procedures

Communicating procedures can benefit team members in accomplishing tasks. Be specific in order to help people be certain of your expectations.

Research Important Issues

When important issues arise, take the time to do the necessary research and get the facts. You will find it easier to make informed decisions and protect your reputation.

discovery report

Personal Keys for Robert

Robert's Primary Drive:

Being outgoing and friendly with energy and warmth

Robert's Individual Giftedness:

Interacting with people to follow through toward goals

Robert's Value to a Team:

Confidently accomplishes goals through people

Robert's Ideal Environment:

Opportunities to look good in public settings

Robert's Motivational Preferences:

A cheerful work environment; participation in group meetings; exposure to those who appreciate results; public praise; a support team for details and follow-up; independence

Robert's Complementary Team Members:

C, C/S, S/CD, C/SI


Typically 85% of success in life is due to your skills with people, and how well you understand yourself and others.

discovery report

Personality Graphs for Robert Rohm

Graph I
Environmental Style
Graph II
Basic Style

very high




very low

About Your Graphs: 
(Based on the DISC model of human behavior)

Your Environmental Style is shown in Graph I above.
Your Environmental Style is based on the selections you made in your assessment that were MOST like you. Graph I reflects how you respond in your environment. Graph I represents the traits that others are most likely to observe.

Your Basic Style is shown in Graph II above. Your Basic Style is based on the selections you made in your assessment that were LEAST like you. Graph II reflects " the real you."  Graph II represents the traits and behavior that you are most comfortable with. Graph II is the main graph that is used to determine your overall personality style.

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